Strike Zone Entertainment Center has over 40 interactive arcade games with a reloadable game card. Each game played along with tickets earned is stored directly to your card. You can check your balance at the kiosk and redeem prizes at the redemption counter. You can register your card and use it over & over again.

Arcade games can be added to your Birthday Parties and special events!

Golf Simulator

Golf Perfect Simulator featuring HD Graphics & 3D Ball Flight Detection. GPS Surround Academy, linked in with GPS Golf Simulator and any teaching program make the Ultimate Lesson.

Golfers can enter & save their details for name, handicap etc. As well as selecting which course to play from over 160 courses around the world, holes to play & style of game play. Features that can be used during game include reverse play, forward play, overhead replay, helicopter flybys & so much more…

GPS HD Graphics makes it difficult to separate the real course, from the simulated course.

GPS Virtual Ranges are designed to give golfers the perfect practice facility, on 12 famous golf holes, driving ranges and unique short game academy. Golfers & professionals have the ability to practice and fully analyze shot performance, as well as form from the driver to the putter.

GPS Golf Simulator is the world’s most accurate ball flight detection system. With 3D High Speed Cameras accurately measuring the golf ball for 3m of ball flight and the golf club for 0.5m before impact, from two separate 90 degree angles.

Displaying after each shot extremely accurate measured performance data for ball speed, club speed, swing path, etc.