Laser Tag

Lasertron is the manufacturer of the Laser tag game system. Indoor laser tag is a sport activity played on a multi-level playing field.

Our Laser Tag Arena will utilize state of the art laser equipment. Each game of non-stop action is a digital battleground of amusement for children and adults of all ages to enjoy. Players will be able to compare stats after the game with personalized scores.

The playing field will have a light haze in the air. This haze, produced by a water-based hazer, allows players to see their lasers. A hazer is very important to the success of the game experience. The field play has elements that include walkways and inclined surfaces traveling in any direction, elevated platforms & so much moreā€¦

Come play this game of non-stop action in a 3,000 square foot, black-lit, fog-filled, music-pumping arena.

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